What People Say About Me

"Kristen operates at a different speed than the rest of us. I’ve never encountered someone so adept at articulating one idea while her mind is already on the next, someone who can write the last line of one story while already creating a roadmap for future ones. When I hired her as the senior editor and food editor at Charlotte magazine in 2014, she had no contacts in the local food industry. Within a month she was getting scoopsWithin six months she was the definitive expert on the restaurant scene in Charlotte, gaining the trust of everyone from celebrity chefs to dishwashers. Within a year, she’d doubled web traffic for food coverage on the magazine’s website. But there’s more. Her writing reflects her personality: With every paragraph, every sentence, she leads with her heart. Her passion for her subjects never dips, whether it’s a simple web note on a new menu or a 4,500-word feature on the role race plays in kitchens. No story is too small to her. Kristen rescues dogs and turtles and magazine editors like me on a regular basis. It's an understatement to say that working alongside her on a daily basis is one of the greatest joys of my nearly two-decade career in journalism." -Michael Graff | Executive Editor, Charlotte magazine

"Kristen's solid reporting and strong voice bring her stories to life. Her well-researched story pitches, professional attitude and openness to revisions make her a joy for any editor to work with." -Debra Leithauser | President & Publisher, Idaho Statesman

"Kristen Wile proved a quick study as a video producer at The Washington Post. Her creativity and positive attitude were surpassed only by her work ethic. All three qualities were on display in breaking news situations, when she consistently made smart decisions under pressure without losing her cool. I would hire Kristen again in a second!" -Jonathan Forsythe | Director, Editorial Video, McClatchy

"Kristen's writing is fresh and honest. She captures a personal moment in time that turns into a cultural commentary on the life of a working woman in her 20s." -Ellen Sherberg | Publisher, Bizwomen